Tuesday, 24 July 2012

He once lived for you

He once lived for you,
Closer with every word you spoke,
Heavier with every sorrow you soaked.
Tensed with every tear that fell,
A magic he wished, he could always spell.

Your raging frown got him weak,
His willing eyes could never speak.
Prayers he offered never seemed vain.
For you, on days you lightly looked pale.

Gifts he bought were less on worth,
He thought so and could never come forth.
Letters were written on lonely nights.
But never delivered due to unknown fright.

Like school boy he stood with gleaming eyes.
Trying to confess , but never felt wise.
Time passed and coiled into a reel,
The story was never read, never seen.

Watch him not, for he is weak.
Mourn him not, for he is dead.
Love him,
For he once lived for you.


  1. beautifully written with full ryme in each para

  2. Thank you Himani. :)

    Thanks Raj!:)

  3. This is beautiful Shivam..I got teary..:')Well done yet again! :)

  4. awesm. u made me cry...:'(
    keep writin :)

  5. Miana- Thank you yet again. :D

    Nitya- Thank you so much. :)

    Ankita- Thanks. :)

  6. Glittering and intoxicating panorma of a true boy's soul.... got myself engrossed in ur literary charisma.. the words have been finely put up...!!! I'm stealing and sharing it..Btw i know that PLAGIARISM is bad for a literary soul.. I loved it very much...!!!

  7. Madhuri Thorawade26 July 2012 at 06:32

    Shivam truly loved this one , this is one poem which i can relate right now in my life . Your first n second stanza r sooooo heartfelt that as i read it i could feel it .
    U are the best at poems - simply love them .
    Wish u always see lots more soon . Thank you .

  8. Dipak- Thank you so much. I love your comments all the time. :)

    Madhuri-Thank you. It was truly encouraging. :)

  9. awesome.... really a nice poem....