Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The first and the other....

If the first glorified those windy days,
When he strolled around to find a place,
The other crawled like the finest wine.
The flowing dupatta, the charm sublime!

The first stole the fading light of the sun
On evenings by the sea in a city they call Mumbai.
The other he met among the poets.
Flowing with words they soon gelled into duets.

The first enjoyed the rush of drinks and drugs
Also of men who could wrap her around the rugs.
The other snorted words for pleasure
A free spirit she was and books her only treasure.

He now recalls the story.
Of how he WANTED the first and NEEDED the other
Of how he kept the DAYS for the first,
And spent the NIGHTS with the other…..

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dim lights

Dim light spray on the smoke,
Milder than the sweet reek of the perfume.
Devoid of the memories of the night
He wakes up beside someone unknown.
The entangled sheet, the heavy head
Fail to surrender the story they behold.

Ask him not of love,
For now his solace lies in the newness of every night,
A new touch, a new sight.

During the moments of love and pleasures
Many plead him for cash.
Which readily he offers
As they mean nothing to him but a stash.

In a night no different,
In the pleasures no new,
She dares to dig his past today
To discover the pains he knew.

Ask him not of love now,
For now he’s in love.
In nights so silent and moments that please.
He sits down with her and writes poems like these.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

You were there...

In those endless days of struggle
And the nights that followed.
In every cigarette butt that went perished
And the pouring wine with a muffled guggle.
You were there.

In poems written and torn,
Screaming to be read and sung
In intoxicated dreams which failed the sun.
And the solitary walk of misery and mourn.
You were there.

In the clock you gifted,
Which stopped at twelve and remained.
Pleading to wake up and call.
The number familiar, I failed to recall.
You were there.

In every pony she sports,
The lady by that store.
And the theatre seat, they make love.
Pledging to share life and abode.
You were there.

In tears defeated by wind ,
And thoughts, almost decayed.
In sea that restores abrupt silence.
Heart dares to believe,
You were there...

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Today he wishes to confess,
All that was lost in those awkward silences.
Of the sudden meaningless stares.
The smile that failed reasons.

Today he wishes to confess,
Words suppressed by fear.
The yearn of that burning heart,
On every touch of a stranger.

Today he wishes to confess
About glittering ‘diyas’ on Diwali
A wish to light them together.
Not once, not twice but forever.

Today he wishes to confess,
the words which went oblivious
for the eyes were all he could see.

Today he seeks all but reason.
Stop him not,
For he walks for confession.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

If we ever meet again...

Same paths will be walked on.
Where we always ran and fell.
Same names will be written,
That we never failed to spell.

Your leap to the joy,
Every time I wore the t-shirt wrong.
And moments of pain,
When I failed to hold thee strong.

Those wild stares, the unplanned escapes
When breath spoke of unison and time held still.
The stupid fallacies we perched on.
Would remain and grow stronger in feel.

The midnight calls which had all but words,
On days you failed to survive the odds.
The happy times when the pouring rain,
Washed away the anguish , carried away the pain.

Things may be tough, situations may be new
A faint hope remains for all but few.

Same paths will be walked on,
Where we always ran and fell
Same paths will be walked on,
If we ever meet again…..

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Walk towards you

Love me,
As I walk towards you,
With feet as heavy as stone
Breath drenched in alcohol,
Eyes screaming profoundly of lust.

Love me,
As I walk towards you,
Before I fall to never rise again.
A timid wade into nothingness
With oblivion being the only escape.

Love me,
As I walk towards you,
At the brim of intoxication
Seeking nothing but an embrace,
Always dreamt but never had.

Love me,
As I walk towards you,
With everything but words.
Longing for every piece of you.
Through the night between the sheets.

Love me tonight,
As I grow weaker with every step.
Nearing the final end as I walk.
Walk towards you...

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

He once lived for you

He once lived for you,
Closer with every word you spoke,
Heavier with every sorrow you soaked.
Tensed with every tear that fell,
A magic he wished, he could always spell.

Your raging frown got him weak,
His willing eyes could never speak.
Prayers he offered never seemed vain.
For you, on days you lightly looked pale.

Gifts he bought were less on worth,
He thought so and could never come forth.
Letters were written on lonely nights.
But never delivered due to unknown fright.

Like school boy he stood with gleaming eyes.
Trying to confess , but never felt wise.
Time passed and coiled into a reel,
The story was never read, never seen.

Watch him not, for he is weak.
Mourn him not, for he is dead.
Love him,
For he once lived for you.

Friday, 13 July 2012

What's in life?

What’s in life?
If they haven’t seen tears.
The eyes wide open seeking mercy,
Yet firm against the wind.

What’s in life?
If they haven’t stood up for proposal
With folded sleeves and cold feet.
Love scoring a little over fear.

What’s in life?
If they haven’t been robbed
Of all but self-esteem
before perishing to nothingness.

What’s in life?
If they haven’t been decimated to ashes.
Yet rose from the waste,
to rule the world.

What’s in life?
If they haven’t comforted others
With their own feet wounded
When smile fails to dry their moist eyes.

What’s in life?
If they haven’t dreamt with twisted neck
Gazing at those tall skyscrapers
Willing to command the height.

What’s in life?
If they haven’t stood lonely
In the balcony, beneath the stars
With sleepless night being the only friend.

What in life?
If they haven’t cried.
If they haven’t loved.


Monday, 7 May 2012

She still waits

Tell her not to wait.
The longings those eyes call for,
appear distant than before.
Time demands her to rejoice.
As the youth once gone, is hard to suffice.

Tell her not to wait.
For I’m too vague for her charm.
A mere trespasser of a renowned farm.
Her silent yell seeks love.
But the imprints of fate are all made above.

Tell her not to wait.
For every denial I offer suck tears.
A guilt of sin I behold laden with fears.
A new sun fetches new hope.
To have me, a life she’d rather seek to cope.

Tell her not to wait.
For she has grown pale.
The charm that tamed the best stands stale.
Beauty which once commanded the sky,
Lives in despair, waiting to die.

Someone tell her to wait now.
For the winds have changed the course,
I run for her as the fate questions its source.
Only to find the grave that says,
She still waits……….

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hope I'm missed

When you pronounce that word wrong.
Just the way you always did.
With many to correct but none to tease.
I hope I’m missed.

When your hair form funny patterns,
Ruled by wind, pleading for help.
With many to look but none to admire.
I hope I’m missed.

When those late afternoons find you lonely.
Throwing the pebbles, sunk in thoughts.
With many to advice but none to embrace.
I hope I’m missed.

When you languidly pass across that coffee shop,
holding that bag falling on you.
Willing to stop but forced to move.
I hope I’m missed.

When the first rain touches you,
soaking you wet, causing the shiver.
You yearn for warmth.
I hope I’m missed.

When you try the dress for the first time.
Asking the mirror, denied the reply.
Looking for answers.
I hope I’m missed.

When your night longs for rest.
Lost in movements, wrapped in sheet.
Holding the pillow feigning to sleep.
I hope I’m missed.

When I know, I’m nothing but a faint memory
Unsure of worth, nearing its end.
I hope. I still hope,
I’m missed.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One last time

If I could write one last time,
I’d remind you of the time we met.
The days when things were easier
And everything seemed like a dream.

If I could write one last time,
I’d write the things I fell for.
The subtle touch of comfort
And the deep painful eyes.

If I could write one last time,
I’d describe the walk.
When your hair struggled with the wind
And the charm sashayed off with ease.

If I could write one last time,
I’d confess the things I never could.
The water trickling on your eyes,
The tears I always wanted to wipe.

If I could write one last time,
I’d talk of the songs dedications.
When night appeared short
To contain our chats.

If I could write one last time,
I’d pray to get you back,
To read me one last time.
Or I'd never write again.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A little unfair

Fair it was to have dreamt to embrace you,
When all good for you, I prayed.

A little unfair,
To watch you surrender to him.

Fair it was to walk alone,
When to decorate your path was all I wished.

A little unfair,
To watch you run to him.

Fair it was to shun that feeling for you,
When that is all I preached.

A little unfair,
To watch you lost in his thoughts.

Fair it was to knit dreams for you,
When I knew, to live them is distant.

A little unfair,
To strangle those dreams to silence.

Fair it was to know that you are not mine.
A little unfair,
To know you can never be.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A strange night

The wind wade swift.
Cool and calm, with moon blessing those palm.
They are visible, the most they can be.
The night we once loved, the night we once celebrated.

I lean from my window and see.
It was this time we walked.
Unfazed by the shackles, devoid of affairs!
I see us one, careless and carefree.

I see the stall, that stands when the world rests.
Ice-cream is what it would serve, on a cool wintry night.
I see us run to it sporting night clothes.
Lost in our fight, lost in our flight, we are.

I lean further to see the bench we sat on.
Weeds have grown and rendered it moist.
I see you laugh as the wind brushes your hairs.
They are long, unkempt yet natural.

I see the wind grow cold and wild.
It carries a fragrance as our attire flutters with it.
I watch you as you imitate people.
Looking to grab my share of ice-cream!

I see you jump in joy.
When I fail and you hit the pole with the stone.
I love the moment, I live the moment.
For it gets us close, really close.

I lean and the wind gets wilder still.
The clouds have concealed the moon now.
Its dark and the wind bites.
The old man closes the stall and walks away sad.
For we were not there,
For you were not here.

I lean no more and close the window.
The wind has become intolerable.
Its loaded with moisture, its loaded with memories.
It wishes to bring water.
In form of rain, in form of tears….
Hand rises to wipe the eyes,
As I curl up close to my pillow and sleep.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Anything for you

For the confessions you made.
About the times we were strangers.
Of the moments you walked past me,
Fast and swift without caring a look.
The more you had wished you could stop.

For the way you shoo that doggy on the street.
Pretending to be brave, yet drowned in fear.
The times you try best to talk mature
And end up exposing the heart of a kid.

For the way you celebrate victories over me,
With those joyous eyes of an infant.
Be it for the number of paani-puris.
Or kicking the stones to farther distance.

For the way they run moist.
The eyes , at times , they never should.
The gentle touch of comfort,
When all I long for is a smile.

For the way you crinkle your nose in despair.
In the small troubles and the sight of a cockroach.
The way you close your eyes and pray
When a book falls off by mistake.

The reasons are small,
They are foolish too.
Even when I know I may not...
I’d still close my eyes tight
And say…’anything for you’.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The glitters fail to glitter...

9th February 2012. Like all other nights I reach my room after dinner and light walk amidst the cool wind that blow almost every night. Nothing special! The scene of my room is almost same. People on bed, ear-phones in ear and volume turned too loud to hear anything apart from the thing they want to. Gestures are the only means to communicate. Although I don’t show I’m so much a happy-for-no reason kind of guy. Most of the my time spent in my room is either devoted to music or books (no course book offcourse ). In the process I’ve managed to make a mini-library and boast of a heavy music collection. I follow the scene and scamper and grab my earphones and surf the playlist. It happens so often. The first song you choose is of your choice and in harmony with your mood at that moment. The songs that follow aren’t always so. We are least bothered to change as we are involved with other works. I too was. I was flipping the pages of “The girl with the dragon tattoo”. A novel that has made a lot of name for itself. I just received it few days back from an online website. I keep it away after reading the prologue and pick up my phone to call Maa. I always do at this point of time. People who watch me talk think it’s my girlfriend. I smile at them and refrain myself from denying it. To have a girlfriend is cool. Isn’t it? Before I could do what I intended, 9th February in bold on my cell phone catches my eye. Dates are dangerous! You forget them, you’re in danger. You remember them you are in danger too. I run towards my cupboard in a haste. When you desperately need something, you throw away everything that comes in the way. I wasn’t any exception. I threw all my clothes below. In the process I also end up providing just enough thrust for the cologne and deodorant bottle to fall off making significant noise.
Finally I find it. It was kept safely below the newspaper sheet on the rack of the cupboard. It was an envelope holding a letter. I hadn’t seen or read it in the past 1 year. Ya, it was dated 9th February 2011. I remembered that. I remembered that I had asked her to write it to me. I always have had a thing for letters. I find them too sweet for some reasons. It was posted on 9th and was expected to reach around 14th February. The hyped Valentine’s day! Prayers work in love and things happen as they are wished to go. I had received it on 14thFebruary last year. The day was special. Like a kid I had run to fetch it and jumped on my bed to read it. Hiding it from everyone I possibly could. Accompanied with blushes and with expression that was bigger than smile and smaller than laughter, I tore off the envelope. The fragrance was devastatingly adorable and so was the hand-writing. I was instructed to open the thing wrapped in polythene sheet after reading the letter. I dare not break the rule. I pick up the letter. I knew from some of my friends that girls have the habit of using too many glitters, smileys and stupid-yet-sweet decorative things like that. It was now that I realised that their habit was far more pronounced. I smile again.

Teddy 
Ya, I know you myt not like the name teddy too much. You have given me just enough liberty to call u by any weird name. You have spoilt me :p
It took me long to write the words that could adequately describe my feelings for u *coughs* . The best I can write is that I really love u, from deepest possible core of my heart, truly 
You can’t even imagine how badly I’m blushing right now. Wish you could see me. You must be holding the letter in your hand right now na……awwww!! My letter is so lucky. Wish I could replace it. :/

You know over the months you have become the closest thing to my heart….will keep you with me 4eva. Don’t know where but between those nyt chats, our cute little(nowadays a little extended) fights. That karwa-chauth , the video chat, n teasing you, troubling you all till this point, I’ve found my dream guy in you.  *I blush again*.
Even during those rough days, you drive me to love you more tenderly and to keep u warm in my arms….awww! I love you so much I can’t really explain….

Just one complain to you….
Why do you have to live so far ??? 
You don’t even know how badly I miss you all the time
Want to live all the sweet moments with you, like other couples do….(Rainfall being the priority) 
Some much to say, don’t know how to express….
So I’ll rest for sometime, will think about you and sleep 

Love you more than anyone can ever do…..

P.S. – In case this letter reaches you at night….. “ Err umm….lets make out!” what say??

Like any other guy. I was lost. I was happy. Who doesn’t like to be loved? Smile just couldn’t just go. Then I turned to the thing wrapped in polythene. Opened the wrap tenderly imagining the tender fingers that must have packed it! It was a heart shaped self made card with lots of glitters on them. When I say lot, I actually mean a lot more. So much that my black trouser was filled with colourful shining sparkles. They had the glitter of the stars. Nothing when compared to the glitter in my eyes.

Its 9th February again! The year counter has increased itself by one and things have changed a lot more than we had expected. We aren’t together anymore. The promises are broken and commitments trashed. I can’t blame her and she won’t blame me. The fact is that we just aren’t part of each other now.
I hold the card. The sparkles are there but they have dried up. They don’t glitter anymore. They are silent. I’m wearing the same trouser sitting in almost the same posture. They don’t spread on my trousers. Eyes too aren’t glittering. They are numb and moist. After failing several times to throw the letter in trash, I fold the letter and place the envelope in my cupboard and wish I never open it again.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I've just smiled

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Your one touch can take it away.
This feel for you is too easy to sway.
I promise,
I’ll meet all,
I’ll greet all.
Give me a moment,
For I’ve just smiled.

The deeds to be done,
The debts to be paid,
I promise,
I’ll do them all,
I’ll pay them all.
Give me a moment,
For I’ve just smiled.

They cried for me, they cared for me.
Many loved and many will love.
I haven’t done them enough,
I haven’t  made them proud.
I’ll try too, I’ll cry too.
Give me a moment,
For I’ve just smiled.

There is pain, there is hatred.
Many have died, many will die.
Anyone to survive has to battle.
I’ll fight too, I’ll battle too.
Give me a moment,
For I’ve just smiled.

I’m dull , I’m slow.
They are too fast to see me grow.
I’ll  be smart, I’ll be them.
I’ll reason, I’ll think.
Let me be ignorant for now
Let me preach innocence for now.
Give me a moment,
For I’ve just smiled.

The king of miseries, the lord of sorrows
You have and you will rule the furrows.
Embrace me in your arms, treat me your slave.
I’ll kill, I’ll destruct.

I know,
Your one touch can take it away.
This feel for you is too easy to sway.
But, Give me a moment,
Just a moment,
For I’ve just smiled.

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Only if eyes could speak....


Temple bells could be touched together
As she would measure her walk up for the prayers
In a dress that glorified Indian tradition
She would hold his hand in an unnerving submission.

Kitchen would smell delicious as she would work on the stove
Tensed, anxious but as silent as the grove!
He would steal the glimpse now and then,
To treasure the innocent fervor ,so easy to pen.


Kids they would be, on sofa playing game
Fighting to win and willing to kill but happy to loose and surrender the fame.
Tried and tired, they would fall and sleep
Only to rise and continue the same.

The night before her day of birth,
He would plan ,he would write  the poems of joy and mirth.
That would be all he would give, the gift he himself is gifted with.
Smile is what he will want , rest to him seem too much a myth.
Tough times would come and they would hold strong.
A hug would ensure that it was a journey destined too long.
Best they would look when they walk and feign a fight
Engulfed in intense love melt their night.

Only if eyes could speak,
The story , which seems to be a distant desire now
Would be scripted in real…..

Only if eyes could speak,
Lips which are pressed on one another
Fingers entangled in confusion
Heart willing to get what it wants
But failing, to produce words all the time…..

Only if eyes could speak,
Of the depth and the feel
Of its wish to bow in respect to the person it preaches
Much in the same way as it does to mom

Only if eyes could speak
All of it will happen!


Thursday, 12 January 2012

I'm strong now- 'A letter never posted'

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I’m strong now. I’ve learnt to live alone. Though they haunt me at times, I’ve learnt to ignore them. The memories! Or rather I have learnt to live with them. They aren’t entirely bad. They make me happy. They take me to an entirely different world. But the happiness is short lived. I don’t know why it always has a bitter end. Few days back, I found myself walking on the circular porch of the mall. The same one! The one we once, walked with ice-cream cones in our hand. We were just friends in those days. I remember, we had agreed to walk the porch pretending to be soul-mates. We later laughed about it.  A petty childish thing it was at that moment. Few days back I stood at the same ice-cream stall smiling as I thought about it. Suddenly things started to look ugly. There was another couple standing and planning on which flavour to pick. They seemed to be smiling at almost everything. But unlike me, their smile didn’t look to have an end.  I envied them for no reason. I left the place. Engaged myself in other works and decided not to visit the place again.

Trust me, I’m strong now but the world seems to have become cruel. So is the owner of that soft-toy shop. They have showcased bigger and better teddy bears. Bigger than the ones we saw. The ones you always insisted on. My feet are dragged towards them and just when I’m about to pick them. They abruptly stop. I’m forced to believe that they are worthless now. I turn back and walk away, wishing teddy bears never existed. Their sole motto is to look cute and kill me.   

There are things you will be glad about. I sleep on time as there isn’t anyone to talk to whole night.  They keys of my cell-phone give me the impression that they are rejoicing. They are fresh and unused. No lengthy, frequent messages to anyone. Although there is no one to ask me to eat, I take most of my meals on time. I do all my important works better now. I told you, I’m strong now.
 Just wish I was half as strong with you. Wish I could have told you the serials we talked about aren’t going to end with us. They are to become more interesting when we wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. Wish I could have told you that at the end of our walk that I never wanted it to end at all. Wish the porch wasn’t circular. Wish it was straight and endless. Wish the soul-mate thing wasn’t just a game. World again seems to have become cruel and so are the emotions within me. They tempt me to write and they leave me with tears all the time. This time I can wipe them without much effort.I told you,I’m strong now.....

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Home-the pain,the joy!

It’s the day to leave. The not-so-awaited day has proved its point. It had warned me of its inevitable nature long before when I headed home some days back. Just that it went unnoticed at that moment as I remained overwhelmed by the joyous thoughts of homecoming. Not just for me, homecoming has always been a subject of profound joy for mankind. Be it for warriors who fought battles without caring for their lives. For men of business who wandered in far-off places for years. For students who assimilated knowledge at gurukuls. Even today homecoming finds apt relevance. We are governed by emotions and these emotions have managed to percolate deep into our genes. 

Fresh are the memories of the day I was to leave for home. Things looked happy as I packed my bags. The songs in my playlist appeared surprisingly wonderful.  Early morning cold shower failed to offer any pain. Anything that easily caused irritation on a usual day somehow gave up its basic sadist instinct. World suddenly looked like a happy place to live in. Journey was fuelled by thoughts of people at home. Drowned in positive anticipations I too felt it. The joy of homecoming!

It’s an altogether different story today. I stand in my balcony observing things my eyes manages to see. Heart certainly wishes to see none.  Overcoming my natural tendency to procrastinate, I’ve packed my bags. Sipping, what should be my last coffee at home, I walk around. The living room, the verandah, the corridors; there are memories attached.  They seem to be embedded in walls and have stories to tell. Not that the world outside home is a prison, it’s just that the pain of leaving home is almost par with the joy of homecoming and it takes a bit from everyone.

It's the time of final hug and kisses as I shoulder my luggage. I turn back after having gone a little far. Heart yearns like a child. A child who feels like home is going away from him. It yearns and insists home to stay. Some more days and I will be done. Some more days with mom, in the kitchen! Some more celebration, just like the one we had. Some more days spent in blanket doing nothing. Some more evening chats with dad. The rebukes, the love, some more of them and I’m done. Some more of everything that can happen only in place called home! It keeps yearning until feet have dragged themselves sufficiently far for eyes to turn back and see anything.

Monday, 19 December 2011

'Megha'-She tries to exist....

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It’s morning.My phone rings.She manages to wake me up again.It’s Megha.She never misses to call because she for some reason finds my morning coarse voice sexy(weird)!It’s never much of a talk though.The day goes as it is destined to go and Megha stays as she is destined to stay.Sweet  and adorable.She loves ‘ 5-star'.Her only regular demand whenever we meet after school.The kid (as she calls me) runs down the hills after school in his full sleeved white shirt and denims.Wearing a tie,which signifies  that bloke is a student of a sufficiently reputed school of that small hill-station.A ‘5-star’ which often satisfied her demand and a rose which would  serve as a surprise.I somehow did manage to pickup both!

The venue of the meet is always that old bakery shop cum cafĂ©. It came up during the time of British rule and has gathered high accolades for making delicious cookies. Most importantly it houses teen love birds for hours amidst the lovely aroma of the baked stuff they specialize in. 

She sits gracefully wearing a yellow kurti with gentle work of red. Hands folded and resting on the antique wooden table.Hair loosely clutched falling just sufficiently to look elegant .The fact she didn’t observe me for few moments gifts me with those special moments of watching her wait for me. Trying to look as smart I can look, I take my seat. “Look at your hair? Someone beat you up at school?”,she says. This immediate, unexpected comment from her shatters my confidence!Unable to tell her that hours of effort and handful of imported gel was required to make me look the way I looked,I keep the secret to myself.I end up telling her that I couldn’t get time to comb. I vow not to listen to that emo- friend whose idea it was. His girl friend would have loved it.Megha certainly didn’t! She has her own way of thinking and loves me just the way I am. She takes my insane talks very seriously and pretends to believe every lie I speak. I’m a lot spoilt by now, her affection being  the prime cause. I’m truly a kid with her. A kid, who never looks for reasons.He’s clueless of what the future holds for them. He only knows that she’s the most familiar being around him and loving her is the supreme motive of his life.
Talks continue till we end up fighting. Till I end up making that innocent face. Till I have to take the help of the only gift I bought her,to make it up. Till she smiles brushing my hair with those softest fingers. Till she says,” aye kid,its time to leave”.Moment of abrupt silence followed by the lengthy eye contact ends it for the day.The meetings become even more longed affair in a time when cell-phones and internet couldn’t help us get close(strict school rules).Similar story unfolded and the dream walk continued till it was destined to continue.

Some years have gone by.The kid is no more a kid now. He has grown up. He thinks. He reasons. The insane school boy is lost somewhere in the hills. He’s reserved and calm now. His motives and objectives are very clear. And Megha?!! Where is she? She is still there.Unlike me,she hasn’t undergone any prominent change. Just that, our meetings have become little less frequent.We donot have a meeting place now.She comes whenever my phone rings in the morning. She appears when I come across a ‘5-star’!She advances towards me when I think of spiking my hair with gel and end up dropping the idea. When I see a happy couple walk holding hand in hand on a cool wintry night. She remind me of the kid.The kid who had his own stupid definition of life which revolved around the girl he dearly loved. Megha reminds me of the time we fell in love.The time when we hardly knew the meaning of it.They say nothing that exists can be perfect. But then when did I say she exists.I just say that she is perfect and she tries to exist. She tries to be real for him when he’s lonely.She tries to exist when he tends to forget the meaning of love.A gentle tap on the forehead,a sweet cuddle into his hair and the kid is smiling again….

Thursday, 15 December 2011

I hate you being so perfect...

How can you be so confident?
The fact I have never seen you crumble amazes me.

How can you carry anything off as if it was specially designed for you?
That honest expression makes me ponder to the extent I give up.

How can you walk past me without caring a look?
Your attitude has become my subject of worry.

How can you appear so simple?
It makes me appreciate how different you are.

How can you be so humble?
It supports the idea of you being from some strange planet.

How can you be so ignorant?
I envy the fact how that cute face has become the dream of many.

Why do I always fail getting you out of my mind?
Just when I think I’m over you, you are back smiling in my thoughts.

Leave me,                                           
The fact that you are so good kills me.

Spare me,
I love you to the extent that I hate you being so perfect.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

With you

With you
Those dreams which lit the nights
Realised its vision even in the daylight.
The love which looked good in books
 Appeared like it never had any goofs.

 With you
That insane school boy’s love found its passion.
Teaching me a thing or two about fashion.
The admired red rose finally found its meaning,
Words somehow faltered to explain that feeling.

With you
That roadside tea tasted the best.
In rain,while we ran faster than the rest.
The confident soul in me learnt to stammer.
Never thought it could betray me in this manner.

With you
The air around had a fragrance.
Which took care of me, even in your absence.
Smile and tears which belonged to different family
Often Show up together,happily and in harmony.

With you
Hope these lines are rewarded,when they are read.
As I hold in hand this piece of lead.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Fortunate Witness....

Vote for me now!

I recovered my senses a while before.
Rubbed my eyes, before I was too sure.
She slept beside me serene and pure,
Lent me with thoughts, I began to procure.

With the timid memories of the night,
I could remember the touches so sweet and tight.
Her slumber was free and innocent,
The sun peeping through the curtains also seemed deficient.

Ridden by these thoughts I gazed,
All the worldly issues left me unfazed.
For her beauty was an element to admire,
Wanted to touch but resisted the desire.

Sleep has always been a hallmark of innocence,
All her face radiated was fragility and its significance.
Appeared to me as if she descended from heaven,
The mighty halo that glorified her didn't need to be proven.

Wished, I could command the hour to pause,
  To miss  what I witnessed , would have been a loss.
Eyes did open after a moment, causing me the inevitable pain,
But the ignorant smile that followed, made me fall for her again.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Say Yes............

Say yes,
For m honest in my words,
I’ll  walk with you, in all your odds.
You are and you were the one,
Forgive me if I miss out on some.

Say yes,
For those lovely walks we had,
The talks, totally so mad.
The fights that lasted for days,
For without you, there weren’t many ways.

Say yes,
 I promise you I can imitate him,
That guy in the serial, you like.
I will be him, whenever you feel
 Your smile for me, is what`s the deal.

Say yes,
For I m nothing without you,
 Without you,my life so longs for it’s clue.
With you around, I can get all
Trust me baby, I’ll never let you fall.

Say yes,
For those eyes seek none but you,
Explained the heart , but it doesn`t listen to me too.
Look into those eyes,
Deny if there you find any lies.

Say yes,
As I kneel before you,
Trying to perfect this moment.
Laugh if I appear fool,
But say yes, for I truly love you…….