Thursday, 19 January 2012

Only if eyes could speak....


Temple bells could be touched together
As she would measure her walk up for the prayers
In a dress that glorified Indian tradition
She would hold his hand in an unnerving submission.

Kitchen would smell delicious as she would work on the stove
Tensed, anxious but as silent as the grove!
He would steal the glimpse now and then,
To treasure the innocent fervor ,so easy to pen.


Kids they would be, on sofa playing game
Fighting to win and willing to kill but happy to loose and surrender the fame.
Tried and tired, they would fall and sleep
Only to rise and continue the same.

The night before her day of birth,
He would plan ,he would write  the poems of joy and mirth.
That would be all he would give, the gift he himself is gifted with.
Smile is what he will want , rest to him seem too much a myth.
Tough times would come and they would hold strong.
A hug would ensure that it was a journey destined too long.
Best they would look when they walk and feign a fight
Engulfed in intense love melt their night.

Only if eyes could speak,
The story , which seems to be a distant desire now
Would be scripted in real…..

Only if eyes could speak,
Lips which are pressed on one another
Fingers entangled in confusion
Heart willing to get what it wants
But failing, to produce words all the time…..

Only if eyes could speak,
Of the depth and the feel
Of its wish to bow in respect to the person it preaches
Much in the same way as it does to mom

Only if eyes could speak
All of it will happen!