Friday, 2 December 2011

Fortunate Witness....

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I recovered my senses a while before.
Rubbed my eyes, before I was too sure.
She slept beside me serene and pure,
Lent me with thoughts, I began to procure.

With the timid memories of the night,
I could remember the touches so sweet and tight.
Her slumber was free and innocent,
The sun peeping through the curtains also seemed deficient.

Ridden by these thoughts I gazed,
All the worldly issues left me unfazed.
For her beauty was an element to admire,
Wanted to touch but resisted the desire.

Sleep has always been a hallmark of innocence,
All her face radiated was fragility and its significance.
Appeared to me as if she descended from heaven,
The mighty halo that glorified her didn't need to be proven.

Wished, I could command the hour to pause,
  To miss  what I witnessed , would have been a loss.
Eyes did open after a moment, causing me the inevitable pain,
But the ignorant smile that followed, made me fall for her again.


  1. A masterpiece of work written gracefully and with elegance !!

  2. thank you ashish.Hope you read my other works too!:)

  3. amazing yrr.... :) :)

  4. Oh thats so sweet re! Very well written, I say :)

  5. d best one, so far... boy! m becoming a fan

  6. madhuri Thorawade8 June 2012 at 07:19

    i loved loved loved this one sooo much that every time i read your new poem i think may be this one will get me off mood but it's just getting better with each new one that i read . I need to really name u THE KING OF ROMANCE as u easily capture that romantic moment n pen it down beautifully .Well trust me any gal would love to have her guy just looking at her while she is in her deep sleep. The last line ' but the ignorant smile that followed made me fall for her again ' is simply perfect and from the bottom of the heart . Wow ! Guess u truly are romantic at heart !

  7. You definitely know how to praise! Thank you. :D