Monday, 7 May 2012

She still waits

Tell her not to wait.
The longings those eyes call for,
appear distant than before.
Time demands her to rejoice.
As the youth once gone, is hard to suffice.

Tell her not to wait.
For I’m too vague for her charm.
A mere trespasser of a renowned farm.
Her silent yell seeks love.
But the imprints of fate are all made above.

Tell her not to wait.
For every denial I offer suck tears.
A guilt of sin I behold laden with fears.
A new sun fetches new hope.
To have me, a life she’d rather seek to cope.

Tell her not to wait.
For she has grown pale.
The charm that tamed the best stands stale.
Beauty which once commanded the sky,
Lives in despair, waiting to die.

Someone tell her to wait now.
For the winds have changed the course,
I run for her as the fate questions its source.
Only to find the grave that says,
She still waits……….


  1. tell her not to wait............. nice 1........ :)

  2. And you roll another brilliant piece of a love lorn heart!! "The charm that tamed the best stands stale."
    Best Line !! Well Played with words!

  3. Awesome...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. so very touching !!
    <3ed it !

  6. awwwww....soo touching!!! <3

  7. Beautiful lines...really touching...