Sunday, 4 March 2012

Anything for you

For the confessions you made.
About the times we were strangers.
Of the moments you walked past me,
Fast and swift without caring a look.
The more you had wished you could stop.

For the way you shoo that doggy on the street.
Pretending to be brave, yet drowned in fear.
The times you try best to talk mature
And end up exposing the heart of a kid.

For the way you celebrate victories over me,
With those joyous eyes of an infant.
Be it for the number of paani-puris.
Or kicking the stones to farther distance.

For the way they run moist.
The eyes , at times , they never should.
The gentle touch of comfort,
When all I long for is a smile.

For the way you crinkle your nose in despair.
In the small troubles and the sight of a cockroach.
The way you close your eyes and pray
When a book falls off by mistake.

The reasons are small,
They are foolish too.
Even when I know I may not...
I’d still close my eyes tight
And say…’anything for you’.


  1. Hey cool one machi...! :) Philosophical...! :)

    You should have a childhood sweetheart i m damn sure...! :).... I know who it is...! ha ha! ;)

  2. You're amazing.... :)

  3. machi?? thank you! :) You seem to be more sure than me buddy :P

  4. thanks you so much Anonymous.I'd have loved to address you by you name though :)

  5. so sweet...!! anything for u...!! ;)

  6. "For the way you shoo that doggy on the street.
    Pretending to be brave, yet drowned in fear..."
    my fave lines.. :))

  7. evrythng seems to be real, nthng abstract, n luvly composition :-) <3

  8. really nyc one ... liked it alot :)

  9. very beautiful, authentically written n yet filled wid loads f emoion........ jus lyk da way u write m becoming a fan f urs................

  10. thank you everyone for the encouragement. :)

  11. All i can say is "WOW" truly awesome n I so so love this piece of writing Mr Cute ;-) Amazing u r! ^_^

  12. madhuri Thorawade5 June 2012 at 09:03

    All i can say is that ' YOU SURELY WILL DO ANYTHING FOR THE ONE ' who comes in your life . Every poem that i read of yours just gets me speechless n i don't have words to describe how good it is .Honestly u r soo natural with the words that they just melt your heart while reading them.

  13. Seems like only you could understand me! :P Kidding. Thank you from the deepest core.:)

  14. It's just breathtakingly WOW...!!!

  15. ..this is soo loving & cute.!! :))
    good work shivam..keep writing. .. .

  16. beautiful,cute & touching!! :))

  17. Indeed a gud write with cute emotions :)