Friday, 18 November 2011

Say Yes............

Say yes,
For m honest in my words,
I’ll  walk with you, in all your odds.
You are and you were the one,
Forgive me if I miss out on some.

Say yes,
For those lovely walks we had,
The talks, totally so mad.
The fights that lasted for days,
For without you, there weren’t many ways.

Say yes,
 I promise you I can imitate him,
That guy in the serial, you like.
I will be him, whenever you feel
 Your smile for me, is what`s the deal.

Say yes,
For I m nothing without you,
 Without you,my life so longs for it’s clue.
With you around, I can get all
Trust me baby, I’ll never let you fall.

Say yes,
For those eyes seek none but you,
Explained the heart , but it doesn`t listen to me too.
Look into those eyes,
Deny if there you find any lies.

Say yes,
As I kneel before you,
Trying to perfect this moment.
Laugh if I appear fool,
But say yes, for I truly love you…….


  1. awesommmeee..
    it touched my heart..deeply!!

  2. beautifully written! you have earned a fan!!! :)

  3. thank you Jyotthsnaa.Sweet of you to say that:)

  4. best and awesome keep writing!!!

  5. simply loved it... :) <3

  6. very cutely written....great :)

  7. madhuri Thorawade11 June 2012 at 07:39

    Say Yes just tinkled every feeling in my heart , awesome . Well u truly are lovable n romantic at heart and it shows in all ur poems n writings .
    My fav is the last 2 stanzas specially where u have written -' laugh if i appear a fool ' , its sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet .
    U always amaze me with such wonderful lines which are soo real to life.

  8. It took me 2 a different world shivam.... truly appreciate ur writings... picture perfect romantic it is.. <3ly..! :)

  9. This is lovable. Though, you have improved amazingly, now.