Sunday, 11 March 2012

A strange night

The wind wade swift.
Cool and calm, with moon blessing those palm.
They are visible, the most they can be.
The night we once loved, the night we once celebrated.

I lean from my window and see.
It was this time we walked.
Unfazed by the shackles, devoid of affairs!
I see us one, careless and carefree.

I see the stall, that stands when the world rests.
Ice-cream is what it would serve, on a cool wintry night.
I see us run to it sporting night clothes.
Lost in our fight, lost in our flight, we are.

I lean further to see the bench we sat on.
Weeds have grown and rendered it moist.
I see you laugh as the wind brushes your hairs.
They are long, unkempt yet natural.

I see the wind grow cold and wild.
It carries a fragrance as our attire flutters with it.
I watch you as you imitate people.
Looking to grab my share of ice-cream!

I see you jump in joy.
When I fail and you hit the pole with the stone.
I love the moment, I live the moment.
For it gets us close, really close.

I lean and the wind gets wilder still.
The clouds have concealed the moon now.
Its dark and the wind bites.
The old man closes the stall and walks away sad.
For we were not there,
For you were not here.

I lean no more and close the window.
The wind has become intolerable.
Its loaded with moisture, its loaded with memories.
It wishes to bring water.
In form of rain, in form of tears….
Hand rises to wipe the eyes,
As I curl up close to my pillow and sleep.


  1. how do u manage to compose so beautifully. I mean really an authentic piece of writin..... Lovd it n feeld it also

  2. thank you so much Subhadra :)

  3. beautiful.. i could actually visualize as to how that night was.. full of love, fun, togetherness and lost in each other.. lived and loved every minute detail of this night..

  4. A beautiful peace of writing.....blend of maturity and emotion are required to write this :)

  5. Nice..innocent and can connect wid nyone's heart.....seems ur personal xperience......

  6. thanks Sharmila. Keep reading:)

  7. this reminded me of sme1 spl..those long rides,those nit walks,those little fights...!!! i juz want those nit back again...!!! lively and full of fun...!!
    heart touching one...!!! :)

  8. thanks Rabie:) I'm happy that you could relate so well...

  9. So full of emotions...luvd it<3

  10. thanks. Glad you could get it!:)

  11. madhuri Thorawade7 June 2012 at 09:45

    The 6th stanza made me fall in love with that moment that u have written soo well that i could visualize it clearly .You have surprised me again with this one . M lucky n glad that ONE FINE DAY u came across my profile and sent me a message to see all what u love writing . Thanks again .Keep Smiling .

  12. ur soo dm gud
    jst <3d it
    so butifuly wrtn!!!!