Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A little unfair

Fair it was to have dreamt to embrace you,
When all good for you, I prayed.

A little unfair,
To watch you surrender to him.

Fair it was to walk alone,
When to decorate your path was all I wished.

A little unfair,
To watch you run to him.

Fair it was to shun that feeling for you,
When that is all I preached.

A little unfair,
To watch you lost in his thoughts.

Fair it was to knit dreams for you,
When I knew, to live them is distant.

A little unfair,
To strangle those dreams to silence.

Fair it was to know that you are not mine.
A little unfair,
To know you can never be.


  1. nice...sometimes its easy to let go dan hold on...n sometimes its fr ur good...its lovely..:) :)

  2. Awesome lines :)
    .............Keep it up! ..............


  3. Well, its not dreams.... they are nightmares :(

    "Do u want to know about love,ask a person
    who has failed in it" - Shakespere....!

    machi chaitanya....well my speculations are going wrong...

    Anyways u write the FEEL.... :)

  4. Its brilliantly described Shivam.. liked it a lot. Sometimes it easy to let go rather than staying and waiting for a dream that we know may never come true

  5. nice work....
    keep going.... :)

  6. Awesome work! :)
    Keep writing!

  7. thanks Anamika. Ya I'll as long as you keep reading :)

  8. It would be unfair if this blog is not liked.Pretty fair work.