Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One last time

If I could write one last time,
I’d remind you of the time we met.
The days when things were easier
And everything seemed like a dream.

If I could write one last time,
I’d write the things I fell for.
The subtle touch of comfort
And the deep painful eyes.

If I could write one last time,
I’d describe the walk.
When your hair struggled with the wind
And the charm sashayed off with ease.

If I could write one last time,
I’d confess the things I never could.
The water trickling on your eyes,
The tears I always wanted to wipe.

If I could write one last time,
I’d talk of the songs dedications.
When night appeared short
To contain our chats.

If I could write one last time,
I’d pray to get you back,
To read me one last time.
Or I'd never write again.


  1. love the simplicity.. nice :)

  2. vry nyc... Truly lovd it.. If cld write only 1 lst tym... Vry beautifully written... :)

  3. really awesome and mindblowing... hats off to ur poetic charisma and inclination Shivam.!!!. u rock dude :)

  4. Too kind of you to say that Dipak!:) Thank you!:D

  5. Honestly i couldnt njoy it by "reading".

    Was much of ur feeling,May be ur gal will njoy it :p

  6. overflowing of creative ecstacy. i loved it
    ajo joseph

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  8. really its good , nice one...

  9. shivam , i could relate every single word with my life !
    and not only this , all ur posts are exactly related !
    i realli realli LOVED this !

  10. Madhuri Thorawade25 June 2012 at 07:31

    Shivam , reading this one bought tears to my eyes that couldn't stop but remembering that someone also gave a smile at the end .This poem will be DEAR TO THE HEART as it touched every emotion n feeling deep down in the heart .
    You have written this one soooo beautifully that i really need to bow down to u for all the love u pour in your writtings.
    You ROCK DUDE !