Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cute moments....

She walks in with a casual white tee and a perfectly fitting denims. Hair neatly tied /open…….doesn’t matter(emphasis on neat though).Casual chappals .Free and confident. Till the time she takes her seat, she has already paddled a cycle of emotions in the heart of people around her. Yes, she is cute(undoubtedly).Let me tell you something about cute people.They happen to be dangerously different beings altogether……their smiles are good, frowns even better .They aren`t necessarily hot, but trust me…you won`t even be cared about that when they are around.They look good in whatever they wear(whatever means whatever).Though I must admit they have decent dressing sense too(gifted people after all).I can go on talking about them until I end up writing  a 500 pages novel(surely someday). Leave it for now!

What I’m going to talk about are “cute moments”. Moments  those we are always surrounded with but somehow miss out on admiring. What cuteness brings with itself is a truckload of happiness and smiles. Cuteness or cute moments aren’t very special things. They are general and real. All you need is keen observation.

A very fat guy has just joined gym because he wants to look cool and dreams to have a girlfriend like others. He marches to the gym ,all prepared with a bottle of energizer, expensive running shoes and all modern equipments. Aspirations are high as he runs around. Some mock, some laugh. Unaffected ,he proceeds and falls down after just two-pull ups, making significant noise. Wipes with a towel, before he tries another run. Not before he has run for few seconds ,he pants and quits. He’s hurt himself. I saw the incident and laughed too and did’t expect him to show up for some days atleast.  To my surprise he did turn up;again laced with all modern equipments(i-pod being an addition).New dreams, new hopes. He ran,he fell and he hurt and continued, gifting me with those cute moments of watching him.

During my stay in boarding school at Darjeeling, we had to study little bit of Bengali and just like other papers it had equal weight. It was a nightmare to me, as I knew nothing. I toiled the entire night expecting to perfect those weird looking Bengali alphabets. My well versed Bengali mates found the moment cute and I found it scary and ugly. Now when I look back and picture myself sitting on that table and memorising Bengali poems, I somehow find it cute too and it never fails to get a smile whenever I think of it. Totally qualifies as a cute moment now.

From trying to figure out which teddy(white or pink) to pick up for the new born in your home to trying to decide which dress to wear for your date, all somehow are loaded with a quotient of cuteness. These days love letters have become scarce for ethical and electronic reasons but imagine your loved one thinking hard and deep on what to write to make you happy. Things are written, they are torn and again written in a new fresh page with enhanced love and smiles. Cute moments truly!!
These were just some out of the innumerable that happen to pass by. Don`t rush through, pause ,listen to them……..see what they have to offer. They provide you with reasons to smile, just like the  girl who walked into the class!


  1. shivam. nice work dude... liked ur articles and poems... description of the lady with her cuteness in article was mind blowing...keep it up. :):)

  2. Very nice shivam...I like most the first scenerio when u describing about a cute girl...II remember the creation of scenerio as Sir Chetan Baghat...Good work...!!!

  3. thank you Naina. I consider myself successful now :)

  4. nyc..or should i say.."cute" .. :) :)
    ..by the way..waiting for that 500pg novel of yours...;) :)

  5. I hope the wait is not very long!:)

  6. Nice :) Keep Writing

    Akanksha ;)