Friday, 11 November 2011

Introvert Soul-A story

I`m  not smart not even anywhere close to it. Neither I am too talented nor too intelligent. I do express to some but when it comes to you, I go weak. When you are around the introvert soul inside me takes over and renders me appear confused. Having a word with you seems like a dream, for I am not gifted with play-some spirit found in many. Having you around is always a desire, but I somehow end up feigning inappropriate expressions all the time; perhaps another feature of my not-so-smart nature. At times I look at you trying to figure out what you think of me. Those accidental eyes contacts accompanied with smile make my day even if that smile was for someone else. I make peace with myself   assuming it to be for me. I go to places at times where I expect you to be around. Happy are the days when it turns out well and when it’s the other way, your uploaded pictures come to the rescue. Each one of them have been seen a over a million times, still that crude smile never fails to show up whenever they appear. They are zoomed to the maximum possible extent, and when it reaches its limit, a natural spontaneous frown takes over. I laugh at myself, at these futile childish prattles. I am satisfied. My friends have declared this satisfaction a crime and me an offender, offending myself. Watching you, hearing you from a distance has helped me inculcate a habit of viewing myself in a virtual world. In this world, you are lot closer. Here those eye contacts aren`t  accidental ,they are long and real. You walk to me and languidly accept a pause. You talk to me just like you talk to your closest friends. You appreciate my humor and embrace my thoughts. In this world those electronically uploaded pictures cease to prove their worth. This virtual world is a secret though ,for its disclosure to modern beings can question my sanity. I know I am sane and so are my thoughts about you. Its  just that they are too deep to be understood and I`m too ignorant to explain. This is how I was until I saw you walk away with a modern being…….