Thursday, 15 December 2011

I hate you being so perfect...

How can you be so confident?
The fact I have never seen you crumble amazes me.

How can you carry anything off as if it was specially designed for you?
That honest expression makes me ponder to the extent I give up.

How can you walk past me without caring a look?
Your attitude has become my subject of worry.

How can you appear so simple?
It makes me appreciate how different you are.

How can you be so humble?
It supports the idea of you being from some strange planet.

How can you be so ignorant?
I envy the fact how that cute face has become the dream of many.

Why do I always fail getting you out of my mind?
Just when I think I’m over you, you are back smiling in my thoughts.

Leave me,                                           
The fact that you are so good kills me.

Spare me,
I love you to the extent that I hate you being so perfect.


  1. sometimes i feel this too .. just that i know the person wasn't perfect.. but i was imperfect as hell for her

  2. I'm glad that you could relate to this in some way!:)

  3. beautiful thought.!! n it happened 2 me too indeed but never abled to express like you.! :)