Monday, 19 December 2011

'Megha'-She tries to exist....

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It’s morning.My phone rings.She manages to wake me up again.It’s Megha.She never misses to call because she for some reason finds my morning coarse voice sexy(weird)!It’s never much of a talk though.The day goes as it is destined to go and Megha stays as she is destined to stay.Sweet  and adorable.She loves ‘ 5-star'.Her only regular demand whenever we meet after school.The kid (as she calls me) runs down the hills after school in his full sleeved white shirt and denims.Wearing a tie,which signifies  that bloke is a student of a sufficiently reputed school of that small hill-station.A ‘5-star’ which often satisfied her demand and a rose which would  serve as a surprise.I somehow did manage to pickup both!

The venue of the meet is always that old bakery shop cum café. It came up during the time of British rule and has gathered high accolades for making delicious cookies. Most importantly it houses teen love birds for hours amidst the lovely aroma of the baked stuff they specialize in. 

She sits gracefully wearing a yellow kurti with gentle work of red. Hands folded and resting on the antique wooden table.Hair loosely clutched falling just sufficiently to look elegant .The fact she didn’t observe me for few moments gifts me with those special moments of watching her wait for me. Trying to look as smart I can look, I take my seat. “Look at your hair? Someone beat you up at school?”,she says. This immediate, unexpected comment from her shatters my confidence!Unable to tell her that hours of effort and handful of imported gel was required to make me look the way I looked,I keep the secret to myself.I end up telling her that I couldn’t get time to comb. I vow not to listen to that emo- friend whose idea it was. His girl friend would have loved it.Megha certainly didn’t! She has her own way of thinking and loves me just the way I am. She takes my insane talks very seriously and pretends to believe every lie I speak. I’m a lot spoilt by now, her affection being  the prime cause. I’m truly a kid with her. A kid, who never looks for reasons.He’s clueless of what the future holds for them. He only knows that she’s the most familiar being around him and loving her is the supreme motive of his life.
Talks continue till we end up fighting. Till I end up making that innocent face. Till I have to take the help of the only gift I bought her,to make it up. Till she smiles brushing my hair with those softest fingers. Till she says,” aye kid,its time to leave”.Moment of abrupt silence followed by the lengthy eye contact ends it for the day.The meetings become even more longed affair in a time when cell-phones and internet couldn’t help us get close(strict school rules).Similar story unfolded and the dream walk continued till it was destined to continue.

Some years have gone by.The kid is no more a kid now. He has grown up. He thinks. He reasons. The insane school boy is lost somewhere in the hills. He’s reserved and calm now. His motives and objectives are very clear. And Megha?!! Where is she? She is still there.Unlike me,she hasn’t undergone any prominent change. Just that, our meetings have become little less frequent.We donot have a meeting place now.She comes whenever my phone rings in the morning. She appears when I come across a ‘5-star’!She advances towards me when I think of spiking my hair with gel and end up dropping the idea. When I see a happy couple walk holding hand in hand on a cool wintry night. She remind me of the kid.The kid who had his own stupid definition of life which revolved around the girl he dearly loved. Megha reminds me of the time we fell in love.The time when we hardly knew the meaning of it.They say nothing that exists can be perfect. But then when did I say she exists.I just say that she is perfect and she tries to exist. She tries to be real for him when he’s lonely.She tries to exist when he tends to forget the meaning of love.A gentle tap on the forehead,a sweet cuddle into his hair and the kid is smiling again….


  1. superr--awesummmmmm!!!! :) :)

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  3. I personally love those writings that doesnt start with ''Once upon a time'' ...and end up beautifully not always sweet-coated .
    Irony is beautiful :)