Saturday, 5 November 2011

An ordinary day

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It`s an ordinary day. Alarm clock paced it`s occupation to perfection and managed to get me alive. Not only that, it also helped me transit between two worlds; virtual and real. All the work load and responsibilities I had bid adieu(last night) wearing a plastic smile were smiling right in front of me, politely asking me to provide some shelter around my brain. They needed to be embraced ,they always need to be for the survival of mankind. The word ‘ordinary’ is a super sugar-coated form of word bad, ugly, disastrous or any synonym one may think of. I found myself lost in deep thought about how my day would be like. There were jobs to be done, not only done but done to its best. Jobs were such, that they would not celebrate it`s successful completion but heavily criticize even the minute flaw. There was struggle for existence, struggle again being a polite word to what it actually was going to be. It required me to keep smiling throughout the day even if that smile wasn`t anywhere close to the hyped expression of smile we all are familiar with. It asked me to bow before people who weren`t superior to me, whatever be the defined parameter of superiority . Not that I am a pessimist, this is exactly how the day looked like. These anticipations circled around my head and sunk me deeper into my bed. Oblivion seemed an immediate escape and I totally forgot where I was for better part of that hour. Alarm broke the silence once again trying to explain how dependable it can be. I woke up strong this time, firmer than ever. Such was the determination to rise, that thoughts fell weak to show up this time. Kept my pillow aside and set out to explore if the day would be any different.